13 July 2017

PDC 600/700/800: Saves flexible working hours

PDC 600/700/800

The PDC 600, 700 and 800 double-clip semi-automatic machines are particularly easy to operate, modular in design and also economical in air consumption. The integrated two-hand release of the 1st clip provides additional safety. The PDC has been proven a hundred times over and is the ideal introduction to time and money-saving sausage production.

The PDC 600/700/800 can be used flexibly for the production of single portions, chains, bars, half and whole rings. They can be used to safely seal and efficiently process all plastic, fibre, collagen and natural casings. The machines essentially differ in the processing of the calibre sizes. The PDC 600 closes calibres up to 90 mm and the PDC 700/800 up to 115 mm. The PDC 800 processes larger clips and is therefore suitable for larger calibres and thicker casings and foils. Constant and uninterrupted working is achieved, among other things, by the integrated sausage chain control. An additional safety element for the operator is the two-hand release of the 1st clip. Different body heights are also taken into account in the ergonomics. For smaller operators, there is a second feed option for the clipstick in a lower position.

Increased productivity through further development

Poly-clip System permanently improves the "all-rounder" for the high quality demands of craftsmen and medium-sized businesses and thus increases the productivity of the machine. The displacer passage, which can be adjusted to the calibre of the product, ensures a shorter lever movement. For smaller calibres, the displacer opening can be reduced to the corresponding calibre range and is therefore optimally adaptable. This prevents so-called "empty runs" of the operating lever. The time saved leads to higher performance and fatigue-free operation of the machines is guaranteed. Once set, the machine can be operated easily and ergonomically with only three switches. The electro-pneumatic control ensures the high production speed of the machine. The low air consumption saves money. The belt loop inserter only uses an air pressure of 3 bar. The control box is also very easy to service and can be opened without tools. The knife can be changed easily. The high degree of flexibility and the high work output combined with ergonomic operation make the semi-automatic machine PDC the perfect production device.

Increased efficiency and increased safety through modular design

Thanks to the modular design principle, the PDC can be retrofitted at any time. Whether as a tabletop model or on a space-saving trolley, with filler coupling, automatic loop inserter or thread dispenser for rings - the semi-automatic machines can be upgraded at any time as required. The equipment variants of the new PDC offer the possibility of integrating a manual or automatic loop inserter (GSE). If required, the now repositioned yarn dispenser can extend the functionality of the PDC, including the yarn reel holder, whose guide path has been further improved. In addition, there are the options of the pneumatically movable casing brake holder, the portioning device for the sausage casing or the S-clip on the bobbin (only for the model variants PDC 600/700). If required, the exact identification and traceability of the batches is ensured by the ES 4000 automatic labelling system. It ensures the extremely important issue of forgery-proof product identification, which is extremely important in food processing. Provided with individual and daily updated information, the labels can be easily clipped in during the sealing process.

The machine design meets the highest hygiene requirements

The PDC meets the highest requirements of the guidelines in food processing companies and thus meets the highest standards of hygiene and safety. The smooth surfaces and the compact design prevent sticking sausage meat. The machine is designed to be open at the bottom, thus ensuring ideal water drainage during cleaning. The slanted square pipes also simplify cleaning the machine and leave nothing to be desired in terms of hygiene. The stainless steel used ensures the longevity and value retention of the investment and thus an excellent price/performance ratio of the PDC.

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