13 July 2017

PDC-A 600 R: The ring specialist in a new design

PDC A600 R

PDC-A 600 R: Specialised in rings in natural casings

The PDC-A 600 R was developed especially for rings like meat sausage, chorizo, blood and liver sausage. The ring specialist closes natural casings calibre 46+ mm, collagen and cellulose safely and gently. Its intestine-gentle displacement system ensures safe processing of the sensitive casing material, while the pneumatically controlled natural casing brake ensures precise portioning. It goes without saying that the PDC-A 600 R also safely seals collagen and cellulose casings as straight individual portions and chains. The thread dispenser for rings is now located on the right-hand side of the machine housing. This is more ergonomic, simplifies processing and shortens distances.

Modular design - the PDC-A series grows with you

Due to its modular design, the PDC-A can be individually adapted to changing production requirements at any time. The most important retrofittable options are: the thread dispenser for rings, an automatic belt loop inserter (GSE), the pneumatically movable casing brake holder, the ES 4000 labelling system, the S-clip on bobbin, the yarn reel holder and the casing spooler.

Operating convenience at its best

In order to further increase the user's operating convenience, the swivel area for casing change of the PDC-A series has been greatly increased. In general, the PDC-A double-clip machines are easy and convenient to operate after a short training period. The ergonomic operating buttons, which are mounted directly on the filling tube, ensure fast and productive work. Only with these two keys, production can be controlled automatically. An additional safety element for the operator is the two-hand release of the 1st clip. Different body heights were also taken into account for ergonomic reasons. For smaller operators, there is a second feeding option for the clipstick in a lower position.

Economical production

The fully automatic production with the PDC-A ensures a rational and consistent operating sequence. Its space-saving design makes it ideal for small production rooms. Despite high cycle rates, low-noise operation is possible. The simple operating concept ensures a quick production start: Preset counters for chain sausages, labels, loops, stamp dwell time, pneumatic clip pressure, clip height adjustment, stamp and displacement speed can be quickly adjusted to the respective product by means of clearly and functionally arranged operating elements. The low air consumption keeps operating costs low.

Machine design for exemplary hygiene and cleaning

The hygienic design made of stainless steel and industrial plastic as well as smooth surfaces without niches leave even stubborn sausage meat hardly any chance to adhere and thus guarantee easy and thorough cleaning. The robust machine has been designed to be open at the bottom so that water can drain off during cleaning. The interior of the machine is well protected against moisture.

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