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Automatic Sealing/Clipping Machine

TSCA 120

Top and PCS Exclusive Features

The star indicates features that you will only find at Poly-clip System.
  • No one else has it: Automatic adjustment of clip pressure and displacer
  • No one else has it: Automatic monitoring of clip and die (RFID)
  • Easy-open film for snack products

Why clip with TSCA 120?

The TSCA Automatic Sealing/Clipping Machine processes flat film from a roll into a ready-to-fill tube which is securely closed by the integral clipping unit. All commonly used films, coated or uncoated, as well as laminates can be processed. The film rolls used can be up to 3,000 metres long.
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TSCA 120
Technical Data

Gain in efficiency

  • Sealing and clipping with one machine
  • Fully automatic, self-monitoring processes
  • For chubs in the calibre range of 24 to 120 mm
  • Up to 200 cycles per minute in continuous mode

Advantages clipping

  • A unit that guarantees tight sealing of film and secure clip closure
  • Simple machine operation with SAFETY TOUCH – shockproof, 10” large and easy to clean
  • Highest productivity; product parameters can be recalled from the SAFETY TOUCH recipe management
  • Automatic, self-monitoring processes for maximum productivity by recognition of clip size, die, size of separator hole and clip pressure setting
  • R-ID clip – tighter clip closure, even up to bacteria-proof, depending on the film
  • Sensors monitoring the end of film and of clip supply on the reel
  • Very smooth running at high cycle speeds, even during continuous operation
  • Portioning or length filling
  • Short, clean sausage tails due to voiding separator
  • Product-specific speed control
  • Training, handling, maintenance and service simple and user-friendly

Advantages sealing

  • Significant cost reduction through moderately priced flat roll stock film vs. shirred casings
  • Continuous production (reloading of film vs. up to 100 times reloading of casings)
  • Optimum use of material due to minimum overlap of film at the seam
  • Considerably less waste compared to cartridges and other packaging
  • Less storage area required for input stocks
  • Shorter fitting times for a wide variety of pack sizes, thanks to quick-change format set
  • Extended product shelf life
  • Greater flexibility in marking due to in-line printing
  • Continuous adjustment of temperature and sealing speed with SAFETY TOUCH during continuous production

Quality and hygiene

  • Increased hygiene due to the use of flat films instead of watered casings
  • Easy to clean, closed system, only one part product-carrying (stuffing horn)
  • Stainless steel provides resistance to aggressive cleaning solutions

Equipment options

  • Automatic looper GSA 20, loop left
  • Consumption-oriented central lubrication for maximum reliability and service life
  • Pneumatic casing brake
  • Print mark control for centred printing format
  • Simple and safe marking of batches during production by continuous printing on flat film using an integral printer, e.g. ink jet, hot stamping, thermal transfer
  • Strip sealing for processing 2-layer film
  • Air-free loose filling of shaped products with overspreading; servo-supported
  • Conveyor belts, variants to suit product and roller extension
  • Vacuum system for air-free filling of large calibres
  • Splice detection for attached films
  • USB port for data import and export
  • WS Food Standard interface for operational data acquisition
  • Intelligent Filler Clipper (IFC) Interface upon request

Function and operation

  • The TSCA consists of a synchronised automatic sealing machine and double-clipper. This provides a continuous production line when a stuffer is used at the front end. Both production processes are operator-friendly and are easily programmable via the central SAFETY TOUCH panel. The PC control allows a very fast and accurate signal processing. On the SAFETY TOUCH display the diagnostic system provides a direct and clear indication of the machine’s operational status as well an analysis of filling and clipping times. The unit is operated via six membrane keys on the control  panel.
  • The film roll is placed on a self-tensioning roll carrier. Uniform inlet tension of the film is achieved by the roller guide system. The forming shoulder forms the flat film around the stuffing horn into an open tube. The tube is then sealed lengthways with minimal overlap by heat sealing.
  • For continuous production an integrated control circuit ensures that the automatic clipper always has sufficient shirred film available.

1940 mm


1900 — 2100 mm


1375 kg


1320 — 3215 mm

Three-phase current connection

200 – 240 VAC, 380 – 460 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Power input

6.8 kW

Fuse connection

16 A

Compressed air

5 — 7 bar

Air consumption

2.5 NL/Cycle


18, 26, 30 mm

Total spreading up to

80 mm

Subject to technical modifications.

The Poly-clip System quality promise

Our machines, consumables and services meet the highest standards. This is promised not only by numerous certifications, but above all by our own claim: Excellence in Clipping. In this way, we guarantee you the reliability and dependability that you can expect for your production. We ship spare parts worldwide within the shortest possible time, quickly and without complications. If necessary, our technical service is on the spot via the fastest route.

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