21 March 2018

FCA 90

FCA 90

The FCA 90 is compact and impresses with its extremely easy handling. The variety of applications in the calibre range from 38 to 160 mm and the visually appealing product by using the R-ID clip series at up to 126 cycles per minute in throughput speak for themselves.

The FCA 90 automatic double-clipper is an excellent alternative for those who want to produce portioned sausages, cold cuts, cooked ham and shaped products flexibly. The clipping machine seals collagen casings up to calibre 90 mm, fibrous casings up to 120 mm and plastic casings up to 160 mm (depending on the material thickness). When developing the automatic clipping machine, the manufacturer Poly-clip System also focused specifically on the visually appealing customer product by using the R-ID clip. Short sausage shoulders and a symmetrical pleating of the casing plait not only make the sausage more visually appealing, but also achieve more slices per sausage and thus a higher yield when slicing. By using the smallest and the largest available clip within one clip division, for example, both Lyon sausages in 65 mm calibre and shaped products in 130 mm calibre can be reliably sealed. All of this within the clip division "L", i.e. the smaller product has a clip that is small enough for the diameter and is therefore visually attractive, but the large product is also securely closed. The low-wear, optimised geometry is a further advantage.

The update of the FCA 90 includes a new safety casing brake with sensor detection and compliance with the safety distance for different casing brake positions. Operation without a casing brake is impossible. The casing brake assistant, identical in function and handling within the FCA family, is also optionally available here. These important functions optimise the processes. A further highlight is the visualisation of the operating instructions directly on the SAFETY TOUCH by using a new, faster processor. Functions and parameters are explained to the operator directly on the machine screen. In addition, the touch screen reacts much faster.

The FCA 90 is appreciated for its flexible application possibilities, which makes it all the more important that the punch can now be changed and the clip pitch adjusted without tools, simply and without wasting time. With the optional Intelligent Filler Clipper (IFC) interface, a comfortable adjustment between clip and filling machine for a higher output is possible and together with the WS Food Standard interface, they provide the necessary data for production data acquisition in production.

The FCA 90 is an automatic machine with a focus on large overspreading, but at the same time it is appreciated for its versatility. Thus the innovations support its flexible use for a wide range of products. The operator can easily switch between standard spreading and overspreading without tools via the recipe selection in SAFETY TOUCH. The FCA 90 can be used in a wide range of applications. Even ham with approx. 10 % injected, tumbled pieces of meat is reliably processed by the powerful displacer.

In addition, the automatic recognition of clip size and die prevents errors. The automatic machine processes R-ID clips of the divisions M, L and XL in the spreads 26 to 44 mm with a total spread of up to 300 mm. The R-ID Clip guarantees high holding power and a tight seal - depending on the product and suitable plastic casings up to bacterial tightness is possible. In the updated version, the FCA 90 is available with the GSA 20 loop wrapper in a version for loop left or right. Optional equipment can also support the continuous production of this high-performance machine. For example, the "Auto-Stop-System Clip" monitors the clip supply on the spool, further sensors monitor the end of the bead and the loop supply. The integrated diagnostic system on the SAFETY TOUCH provides direct and clear indication of the operating status and analysis of filling and clip times. Deviations from stored recipe parameters are displayed immediately, thus not only preventing errors but also ensuring consistent product quality.

The FCA 90 double clipper is compact and extremely easy to connect to the filler, considering the production spectrum. Stainless steel and the smooth surfaces of the hygienic design ensure easy cleaning and thus of course compliance with the guidelines in food processing plants.

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