16 May 2019

World premiere of the new FCA 160 / FCA 120 - Maximum automation, minimum set-up time, maximum safety

FCA 160

Efficiency through automation combined with safety - the new FCA 160 / FCA 120

State-of-the-art technology in every detail. ALL product parameters stored in SAFETY TOUCH are monitored, as well as the stock of consumables and machine functions. In case of deviations and malfunctions, the machine stops automatically.

The FCA combines the advantages of shortest set-up times with maximum safety for the operator. The fixed clip head relieves the operator during each casing change. Optimum protection is ensured by the new safety casing brake with tamper protection; the safety distance to the displacer is always maintained during adjustment. The safety monitoring is even designed in such a way that an accidental production start without a casing brake is not possible. Safety, a fast start-up and continuous production - that is what makes it so efficient. The sensors for monitoring clip pressure and displacer hole setting, detection at the end of the clip supply on the reel and the sensors for the end of the bead and for the end of the loop are essential features of the double clipper. A significantly reduced maintenance effort is the cost-saving result of the consumption-oriented central lubrication system.

Crash Safety

The automatic clip machines FCA 160 / FCA 120 offer error prevention at the highest level. Punch and die are equipped with the RFID system, so that it is recognised when they do not match. At this point, the system prevents operator errors and clip closure tool breakage. The FCA has a double clip detection with automatic machine stop; this works against machine overload, among other things. The burst detection ensures the lowest possible sausage meat loss in high-speed applications, faster than an operator could ever stop the machine. If overspreading is also regularly used for loosely filled products, the position detection of the conveyor belt helps to ensure that production can continue quickly and smoothly when changing over to another product.

PC control with shortest response time

The degree of automation of the double clipping machine allows a maximum of process monitoring of all stored parameters in the recipe management. Recipes can be searched for, duplicated, saved and restored very conveniently in SAFETY TOUCH. The advantages are problem-free programme updates and super-fast adaptation of further automatic clipping machines. These automatic clip machines offer a clear display of the causes of faults instead of just error messages. The problem can be identified at a glance and thus be rectified as quickly as possible. The operating instructions are "on board" and you can also zoom directly into the circuit diagram.


FCA 160
The FCA 160 is characterised by its wide range of applications. It securely seals collagen casings up to calibre 90 mm, fibrous casings up to 120 mm and plastic casings up to 160 mm, depending on the product and material thickness. Its speed is up to 160 cycles per minute in throughput.

FCA 120
The FCA 120 is characterised by high speed with 200 cycles in throughput and maximum automation. It seals collagen and fibrous casings up to 58 mm and plastic casings up to calibre 120 mm (depending on the material thickness).

With the R-ID clip series, which is perfectly adapted to the application, a harmonious closing process is achieved, which requires less force and thus puts less strain on the wearing parts. The linear expansion displacer is also a prerequisite for the visually appealing end product with short sausage shoulders. This increases the yield during slicing. The R-ID Clipform guarantees an even pleating of the casing. The clip sits centrally on the plait and a special inner profile provides more holding power on the casing. The closure can be bacteria-proof, if the product is suitable and plastic casing is used. This significantly increases the flexibility for merchandise planning, and there is no need for a preventive reduction of the best-before date. And the geometry of the safety-coated punches and dies also has a wear-reducing effect. By the way, they can be changed without tools within seconds.

Hygienic design in every detail

Hygiene is a top priority in food processing. The hygienic design for thorough and quick cleaning is a clear advantage. This starts with the extremely generous and uncomplicated opening of the machine enclosure. It continues with the heart of the machine, the displacer. This can be set to a special "cleaning position" at the touch of a button. Simply open the displacer cleaning flap and everything is easily accessible. This continues with the fully hygienic conveyor belt with contactless drive. The conveyor belt in hygienic design is characterised by solid compactness and high quality of the conveyor belt. It can be removed completely and very easily, without tools. The blue conveyor belts are easily detached and cleaned.

High-quality stainless steel and titanium with modern tempering technologies. The machine design of the new automatic clipping machine thus meets the highest requirements for hygiene and safety and all guidelines in food processing companies.

Technical details:

The FCA 160 double automatic clipping machine processes the M, L and XL clip series, offers 26, 30, 36 and 44 spread widths with a total spread of up to 130 mm

The FCA 120 double automatic clipping machine processes the S and M clip series, offers 18, 26 and 30 spread widths with a total spread of up to 130 mm

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