FCA 90

Flexibility of the highest degree is what distinguishes the Automatic Double-Clipper FCA 90. It is the FCA to offer the world-wide fastest overspreading with a total spreading of up to 300 mm. New features, unified within the FCA family, streamline operations.

FCA 90 – Automatic Double-Clipper – Air-free slack filling

The FCA 90 is compact and convinces by means of a highly simple handling. The variety of the applications in the calibre range of 38 to 160 mm and the visually appealing character of the product, achieved by the use of the R-ID clip series at up to 126 cycles per minute in continuous mode, speak for themselves.

Those who want flexibility in the manufacture of chubs, sliced sausage as well as ham and moulded products, cannot fail to notice the new FCA 90. The clipping machine closes collagen casings of calibres up to 90 mm, fibrous casings of calibres up to 120 mm, and plastic casings of calibres up to 160 mm (depending on the material thickness). With the development of the automatic clipper, the manufacturer Poly-clip System in its choice of the R-ID Clip also sought to focus on providing a visually appealing product for the customer. This is because short sausage shoulders and a symmetrical pleating of the casing end make the sausage not only visually appealing but also result in more slices per sausage and therefore more yield when slicing. By making use of the smallest and the largest available clip within one clip spacing, it is possible, for example, even to seal Lyon sausages of a 65 mm calibre, as well as moulded products of a calibre of 130 mm – and all within the “L” clip spacing. This means that the smaller product has a clip of a size set for the diameter and is visually pleasing, but also the larger product has a safe seal. The low-wear, thus optimized geometry is another advantage.

The update of the FCA 90 includes a new safety casing brake with hand guard, maintaining safety distance to the separator when adjusted. Operation without casing brake is blocked. The casing brake assistant, identical in function and handling within the FCA family, is also available as an option here. These important functions optimize the processes. Another highlight is the visualization of the user manual directly on the SAFETY TOUCH through the use of a new, faster processor. Functions and parameters are explained to the operator directly on the screen of the machine. In addition, the touch reacts much faster.

The FCA 90 is valued for its versatility. Therefore it is even more important, that the change of the punch and the setting of the clip spacing can be done without tools, simply and without loss of time. With the optional Intelligent Filler Clipper (IFC) interface, a comfortable communication between clipping and filling machine for a higher output is made possible and together with the interface WS Food Standard they provide the necessary data for production data acquisition.

The FCA 90 is a machine with a focus on large overspreading, but at the same time it is appreciated for its versatility. Thus, the innovations support its flexible use for a wide range of products. The operator can easily and without tools change from standard spreading to overspreading and back by retrieving the parameters from the recipe management of the SAFETY TOUCH. The FCA 90 is flexible in its application, so that even ham with approx. 10 % of tumbled meat pieces, can be reliably processed by the powerful separator.
Due to the automatic recognition of clip size and die, errors can be avoided from the outset. The clipping machine processes R-ID Clips of the spacing M, L and XL with the spreading from 26 to 44 mm at a total spreading of up to 300 mm. The R-ID Clips guarantee high retention force and a tight closure, in the case of suitable plastic casings up to bacteria-tight. For products with loops there is the automatic looper GSA 20, with loop to the right or version to the left.

With additional fittings, continuous production from the high-performance machine can be further supported. Sensors monitor the end of clip supply on the reel with the "Auto-Stop System clip", as well as the end of loops supply and the end of the casing. The integrated diagnostic system offers the direct and clear display of the operating state as well as analysis of the filling and clipping times on SAFETY TOUCH. Deviations from the recipe parameters set are immediately displayed so that not only mistakes are avoided but also a constant quality of product is guaranteed.
When compared across the production spectrum, the FCA 90 is compact and very easy to link up with the filler. Stainless steel and smooth surfaces of the hygienic design ensure for simple cleaning and thereby also for compliance with the guidelines in food processing operations.

Poly-clip System is the worldwide leader in clip system solutions.

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