13 July 2017

Halal certificate for Poly-clip system

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The certificate is renewed annually. During the validity of the Halal certificate, unannounced inspections are carried out by Muslim auditors.

What does Halal mean?


The word "halal" comes from Arabic and can be translated as "allowed" or "permitted". Applied to food, it means that Islamic rules have been observed in its manufacture and that no prohibited substances have come into contact with the food or are contained in it. With the certificate, customers can be confident that the production process complies with religious dietary rules. Poly-clip System also offers its customers an optional Halal-certified grease for the machines.
A Muslim authority and a Muslim auditor check the compatibility of the company with the audit guidelines. In order to exclude prohibited substances according to Islamic law, samples of the products to be certified are checked in an independent, accredited laboratory using the latest PCR-DNA analyses. During the validity of the Halal certificate, unannounced checks are carried out by auditors qualified for this purpose.

The halal certification process

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