Peripheral equipment expand the functional range of the individual machines. Poly-clip System offers various labelling systems for precise product and origin labelling as well as batch tracing.

Depending on the machine, labelling systems ES 5000, ES 4000 or EZ Tag-Feeder can be used to provide a label bearing individual, up-to-date information during the packaging process which is attached to the product in a tamper-proof manner during clipping. The labels can be supplied blank or pre-printed in colour, for example with a customer logo, veterinary control number or as a decorative label. They are abrasion- and boil-proof, and the standard material used is Polyart.

ES 5000 – product labelling (printing) during production

  • Labelling area individually printable
  • Creation of text and graphic design on PC
  • Barcode printing possible
  • Monochrome printing – variety of coloured ribbons selectable
  • Combinable with FCA and ICA automatic double-clippers as well as with the Automatic Poultry Loader APL


ES 4000 – product labelling (printing) during production

  • Printing of up to two lines, possible number of characters varies according to characters used
  • Monochrome printing – variety of coloured ribbons selectable
  • Combinable with PDC-A automatic double-clippers and PDC semi-automatic double-clippers


Dimensions and print position of labels for ES 5000 and ES 4000

EZ Tag-Feeder – product labelling (embossing) during production

  • Embossing of up to three lines with up to twelve characters
  • Combinable with many clipping machines in the Easy Clip Line®


Dimensions and embossing position of labels for EZ Tag-Feeder


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