21 March 2018

TSCA 160: the economical packaging solution for dairy products in sausage or ball form

TSCA 160

It combines the process steps of sealing and clipping in just one machine. This economic top performance makes it very flexible in production and this with a high level of automation. This is what the fully automatic, self-controlling processes stand for. State-of-the-art clip and sealing technology for even more efficient production, even in the large diameter range.

With the TSCA 160 from Poly-clip System you can save money by using inexpensive flat films. The film is sealed from the reel to the ready-to-fill film tube, filled and then securely closed in the integrated clip unit using the double-clip process. Produce up to 3,300 metres of flat film, i.e. more than 4 hours in one piece. No operator intervention and correction of the film length; thus a constant automatic production is guaranteed. The end of the film and clip as well as a missing output of the filling unit are automatically monitored.

Advantages for the processing of different types of cheese


  • direct filling into the final packaging
  • Cooling process in the packaging, no additional shapes, no further packaging
  • no brine necessary, no air intake, i.e. less transport costs (50% less weight)
  • longer durability
  • no cleaning of the moulds
  • Different packaging sizes on one machine

Blue cheese:

  • homogeneous, controlled ripening over the whole cross-section
  • Maturing in the package
  • no hygiene problems due to foreign germs
  • longer shelf life, as ripening stops when there is no more oxygen in the packaging

Butter cheese:

  • Hygiene: direct filling into the final packaging
  • no moulds, no cleaning effort
  • longer shelf life, as no oxygen ingress

Optimum material utilisation thanks to foil

The optimum material utilisation due to minimal overlapping of the film at the sealed seam and continuous production make it unrivalled in its class. The TSCA 160 processes all sealable films in simple and coated form as well as laminated films. The applications are extremely diverse, whether butter cheese or mozzarella.

Even in continuous operation, the machine is always quiet. State-of-the-art noise reduction technology protects the operator and the production environment. Cleanliness is also a trump card: The stainless steel used meets the highest hygiene requirements and ensures a long machine service life. Smooth surfaces all round ensure quick and thorough cleaning - the TSCA 160 sets the hygiene standards in dairy packaging. The absolutely watertight protected technology works without interruption.

The TSCA 160 can optionally be equipped with an overspreader. In conjunction with a vacuum system, air-free filling of these large diameters is guaranteed. The over-spreading for air-free loose filling of moulded products for square cheese products, as well as the clip pressure setting and the displacer hole size, can be stored as product parameters with servo-assistance. The programmable and infinitely variable conveyor belt speed also ensures that the diameters are always the same.

"State of the Art" with PC control

The degree of automation of the TSCA enables a high degree of process monitoring, e.g. of the parameters stored in the recipe management. In case of deviations, the TSCA 160 automatically displays a warning. The USB interface for data import and export is part of the standard equipment. The WS Food Standard interface for production data acquisition via the customer's own network is optionally available. Automation and ease of operation guarantee even higher operational reliability and maximum machine efficiency.

Automation that pays off

The high degree of automation of the TSCA 160 is also evident in the consumption-oriented central lubrication system. This important work step, since it is carried out automatically, is never forgotten and saves working time. This ensures maximum process reliability and investment benefits, because wear is reduced, maintenance and downtimes are minimised and thus the service life of the machine is "automatically" extended, thus preserving the value of the investment.

In addition, the simple and reliable batch identification, during production on the individual product by printing on the flat film by means of an integrated printer, e.g. ink jet, hot stamping or thermal transfer, offers consumer-friendly identification and supports the first-in/first-out principle in logistics.

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